Preflex flies the banner of Pipelife

Since more than 30 years, Preflex facilitates the work of electrical installers. Preflex prewired conduits have become an essential part of every electrical installation.  The family business has grown from being a specialist and market leader in prewired conduit to a complete provider of solutions for the electrical installer. 

Since 2017 Preflex is an integral part of Pipelife, a division of Wienerberger Group. Pipelife is internationally active as a producer of durable solutions for water, gas and energy management. 

A part from the prewired conduits, the Preflex product range currently also consists of a complete range of rigid tubes and accessories as well as a full series of electrical boxes for electrical installations.  

Today, Pipelife has 4 production sites in Belgium  : 

  • Steinzeug-Keramo for the production and commercialization of stoneware waste water solutions,

  • Reddy for the production of recessed boxes and accessories fixation and connection of rigid and flexible tubes and conduits,

  • Preflex for the production and commercialization of prewired conduits,

  • Pipelife for the production and commercialization of plastic tubes and connections for sanitary installations and infrastructural applications such as drainage, gas and drinking water.

The last few years electrical and sanitary installing companies are evolving more and more to general installers that provide complete installing solutions.    

In order to anticipate this trend and in order to strengthen our market position, we have brought together the electrical solutions of Preflex and the sanitary solutions of Pipelife into one new organisation: PIPELIFE BUILDINGS.

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