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Coloring the Electrical Conduit Market  

With one goal in mind — making electrical installations easier, faster and safer — Pipelife has been continuously developing and extending its solutions for the electrical conduit systems for the electrical installations market. This spring, we are making electricians’ work more colorful. In order to easily recognize and identify the electrical conduits, Pipelife’s brand Preflex is launching pre-wired conduits in seven distinctive colors, one for each cable type.  

Bringing Peace of Mind to Installers 

Pipelife’s extensive range of electrical conduit systems offers a solution for any type of installation in residential housing projects or public buildings. Installers are able to implement electrical installations from start to end with high-quality products provided by one trusted supplier, complying with all requirements whether in terms of ensuring fire safety in a hospital or nursing home or providing daily comfort to homeowners. 

Paying close attention to our customers’ needs, we constantly develop and introduce new solutions.  Meeting up with electricians and visiting construction sites provides valuable information for further product development, as for the most recent upgrade of our pre-wired conduit systems.

Colored Conduits: Taking the Next Step 

For electricians, the instant recognizability of products is a major asset that facilitates their work. A lot of time can be saved just by being able to immediately locate the right product in their warehouse or van. That’s why Pipelife’s brand Preflex has been offering color-coded packaging for several years.  

However, to easily recognize and identify the electrical conduits after they are installed in floors or walls, we are now launching pre-wired conduits in seven distinctive colors, one for each cable type. Although colored conduits are already custom in some Nordic countries, such a solution is new to other European markets. 

Introducing color-coded conduits means that chances of installing the wrong wiring for a certain appliance will be reduced to a bare minimum. The distinctive conduit color allows spotting errors immediately.

The new system also simplifies the work for contractors when it comes to the on-site training of new personnel. “Green is for lighting, red is for sockets” is much easier to remember than “3G1,5 is for lighting and 3G2,5 is for sockets.” Therefore, even installers with little experience will be able to work independently and error-free after simple training.

Change Making a Major Difference

Belgian installers are already convinced that they will not only be able to work in a fail-safe way but also save a lot of time wiring fuse boxes. No more fuss of finding the right pipe and double- or triple-checking it. From now on, when wiring a fuse box, you simply pick up the conduit in the right color, do a fast check of the cable and connect it to the fuse box!

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